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Chino Hills
Nestled in the mountain side located near the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, this neighborhood is not only one of the first as you enter Palm Springs, but
it;s known for it's tremendous views and large boulders that accompany the properties.

Little Tuscany
Situated adjacent to Chino Hills, this Palm Springs neighborhood is named after the hilly area of northern Italy.  This protected enclave is comprised of
small bungalows along with huge estates.  If you want a private home with unobstructed views, this might be the area for you.

Vista Las Palmas
Considered one of the elite Palm Springs neighborhoods, Vista Las Palmas has no trouble living up to its reputation.  Home to the famous Elvis
honeymoon house, the properties are private and elegant, most being built in the late 1950's early 1960's.  
Tucked nicely into the northern mountain side of the San Jacinto mountains this is a great place to find a home.

Old Las Palmas
Estates of the mid-century cover this area.  Old Las Palmas is filled with most of Palm Springs oldest and largest estates.  If you're looking for Frank's
old frolics, look no further.  You have landed in the Palm Springs playground of the 1950's.

Movie Colony
Centrally located and named after all the "entertainment" folk of the past and present that have left their mark here, this is truly a Palm Springs
neighborhood of it's own caliber.  Huge estates line the parameter that originate back to the 1920's, most of which have been immaculately maintained
or have been restored to perfection.

Ruth Hardy Park
This centrally located neighborhood is a great mix of Spanish and mid-century style homes.  It also has a great mix of larger estate style homes along
with smaller single family dwellings.  If you want a great location but aren't sure what your looking for this might be a great place to start.

Warm Sands
If your looking for old school mid-century this is the place that you will find it.  In the 1950's there was a private hotel building boom in this area.  
Fortunately most of the original homes were spared in this process.  Walking distance from downtown makes this a very sought after Palm Springs
neighborhood to live.

Tennis Club
Tennis Club is one of the oldest Palm Springs neighborhoods in town.  Nestled up against the base of the San Jacinto mountain range this
neighborhood has close up views that impress!  Originally named for the small hotels with many tennis courts in this area, Tennis Club has many
beautiful homes and condominiums mostly dating back to the mid-century.  If you want the old feel of 50's Palm Springs and a short stroll to down town,
you've found your spot here.

El Rancho Vista Estates
El Rancho Vista Estates is a unique Palm Springs neighborhood.  With a large amount of the property designed and built by Roy Fey and Donald
Wexler, these houses are unlike any other in Palm Springs.  Many of the roads and driveways that make up the neighborhood are old airplane hanger
roads and runways from the past.

Los Compadres
If the mid-century modern construction is not for you, than you might find this mostly Spanish architecture Palm Springs neighborhood is the place for
you.  Built with a close nit neighborhood in mind this area will give you the comfort of home.  Most of the architecture in this neighborhood dates to the

Sunrise Park
This Palm Springs neighborhood is central to almost everything, this area is in the midst of a face life.  With many of the homes here being re-done
recently this mid-century abundant neighborhood is quickly becoming one of the hot places to buy.  Many of the homes are perfect for secondary
residence, vacation homes, or year round living.

A South Palm Springs neighborhood that has endless potential.  With many houses in this area recently updated, this is the place to be.  Beautiful
streets all around and incredible views, the vibe of this area is becoming young and relaxed.  If you want modern architecture with one of a kind feel,
Deepwell has it.

Canyon North
South Palm Springs' hidden gem.  Arguably some of the most magnificent canyon views in the valley, this beautiful area is home to some of the coziest
neighborhoods in Palm Springs.  About 80% of the homes in this area are on Indian leased land, however, If you enjoy a stately vibe to your
neighborhood, and a place to take breath taking walks close to home, this one is it.  It also boasts some of the best golf courses in the entire valley.

Twin Palms
A neighborhood built by the Alexander Company, it holds the original 42 Alexanders built in Palm Springs.  This neighborhood got it's name from the two
twin palm trees that inhabit everyone's front yard.  Considered one of the elite neighborhoods in Palm Springs this is a prime spot to live.

Smoke Tree Ranch
If you want a ranch hideaway fit for a president complete with horse stables this is your spot.  Built in 1936 on 375 acres of private old west land, there
are homes and guest cottages throughout.  Included in this community are a private restaurant, tennis courts, pool, and a private equity firm.

In the Southwest corner of the San Jacinto mountains this Palm Springs neighborhood is small and elite.  Just south of the Palm Canyon bend you will
find an area of one of kind homes that are perched atop of the Cauilla Hills.  The views are unparalleled and the vibe is old town western village.  It's
truly unique in it's own right as a neighborhood.

This is an extremely small and inclusive neighborhood in South Palm Springs.  With very little to choose from and some one of a kind condominiums, if
you can get in here you're one of very few.  Mixed architecture splash this cove and most people who see it never want to leave.

Andreas Hills
Considered the Beverly Hills or Bel Air of Palm Springs neighborhoods, Andreas Hills is at the South end of town and has nothing but spectacular
estates starting in the millions.  With many of the architecture in this area being new construction, you can get the modern and mid-century feel of the
future and have the amenities of today.  

South Ridge
This Palm Springs neighborhood sits atop it's own private mountain and is in the south end of town.  Home to the likes of Steve McQueen, Bob Hope,
James Bond (Diamonds are Forever), and many other celebrities, this is truly estate living at its finest.  Very few homes are available in this private and
gated community to chose from.